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Non Ferrous Metal Scrap
These non ferrous metal scrap find their application in various industries after being processed by qualitative machinery and equipment.

Our wide range of non ferrous metal scrap includes the following:

  • Copper armature scrap, sheet cutting, solids, transformer wire scraps
  • Brass Sheet cutting, rod borings, drilling scraps
  • Solid end bits, EDM Wire Scrap etc
  • Stainless steel scraps of Grade AISI 202, 304, 316, etc. in all forms of sheet cuttings, drilling and turning scraps, borings, end bits etc.
  • Aluminium scraps in form of Boring, Sheet Cutting, Extrusion Scrap, Solid End bits etc
  • Nickel scraps – Nickel rotary screen scraps, Sugar Mill Nickel Scraps etc


Please stop by to view our facility. We are a convenient drive through facility. We have fast courteous employees who will help you unload your material and take it to a public viewing scale (No hidden numbers here) and send you to a cashier for immediate cash payment for your material.